17 Creative White Food Recipes

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If you’re looking for white food party ideas you’re in luck because there are countless options.

The white food recipes I’m about to list will include apperizers, main course ideas, and, obviously, some desserts.

Technically, any salad can be made white with the right sauce, or simply mayonnaise.

For desserts, white chocolate or anything with vanilla or cream cheese frosting is a solution but there’s a ton of other choices. For the main course, you can go with white meat fish like Hake or the classic chicken with white Alfredo sauce.

Most cream soups could also be made white if you’re using something like cauliflower as the base.

But for specific recipes with instructions see the following list of white food ideas I have compiled.

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White food recipes

Steamed Pork Buns

One of the trademarks of steamed pork buns is their beautiful milky white dough.

I’ve purposefully created this recipe to not require an actual steamer.

You can steam the buns with equipment you currently have in your kitchen.

The pork filling is rich and the buns make for a great party food or larger gatherings.

Not bragging, but mine always turn a hit when we have guests over for dinner!

Get the recipe: Steamed Pork Buns

Vanilla Frosting Cupcakes

When we think about white dessert recipes vanilla frosting sweets are probably one of the first things that come to mind.

Naturally, these Vanilla Frosting Cupcakes can be the centerpiece treat of your white color party. The vanilla frosting itself is done in just 10 minutes but needs to be refrigerated for an hour, and the cupcakes take about 25 minutes from start to finish. Also, you can make them low-fat by swapping the sour cream with some yogurt.

Get the recipe: Vanilla Frosting Cupcakes

Classic Chicken Sandwiches

These delicious Chicken Sandwiches are prepared with mainly white ingredients such as white bread and mayonnaise.

Naturally, they’ll fit perfectly as an appetizer for your white food party.

They’re also as simple as making the chicken mixture, driving it between the bread slices and garnishing with the rest.

An overall ideal finger food for your party’s guests.

Get the recipe at: Donna Hay

Scallops in Lemon Wine Sauce

Beside being an excellent white appetizer these Scallops in Lemon Wine Sauce by SpendWithPennies.com are quick to make and keep the kitchen relatively clean.

They’re done in just 15 minutes and you basically just sear them and cover them in the sauce.

Make sure to use heavy cream for the sauce and not a substitute if you want them to turn right!

Get the recipe at: Spend With Pennies

White Bean Dip

It’s no wonder a white bean dish made my list of white food recipes and this White Bean Dip in particular is something I’d recommend trying even without an occasion.

This dip recipe is made with party gatherings in mind and, as its creator states, seems to fit nicely in all diets and lifestyles.

Serve it as an appetizer for the party, and maybe combine it with the Chicken sandwiches from above on the list.

Get the recipe at: Julie Blanner

Gouda Cheese Tea Sandwiches

This entry featuring white-colored appetizer sandwiches comes from Natasha’s Kitchen, a food blog I honestly love.

This is a simple 4-ingredient recipe and all you need is some French bread, mayo, garlic and Gouda.

Although it does not sound too fancy at first, the flavors actually mix wonderfully and your party guests will most likely agree. Give Natasha’s recipe a try and thank me (and her) later.

Get the recipe at: Natasha’s Kitchen

White Bean Beer Fondue

This White Bean Beer Fondue recipe is a great way to appease any party members on a stricter diet like diary-free or vegan-based.

Fondue is one of the original fancy party foods and this one fits in with the idea of a white-themed food party.

This dip is absolutely amazing, which I find is rare with vegan recipes and most likely everyone will like it, regardless of their lifestyle.

Get the recipe at: Vegan Yack Attack

Homemade Marshmallows

Although this homemade marshmallow recipe requires a bit of planning ahead because of the resting time it involves, it can easily fall under the spotlight for your white food party or picnic.

The recipe instructions walk you through the whole process beautifully and even if you’ve never tried making marshmallows you’ll probably do well.

This dessert is really the classic among white food recipes so give them a try!

Get the recipe at: Sweet Tea and Thyme

Chicken Fettuccine Alfredo

What list of white food recipes would be complete without a Chicken Alfredo?

This particular recipe uses Fettuccine pasta and has a secret ingredient to the homemade Alfredo sauce which makes it tangier and thicker than the original.

Preparing the recipe is easy and quick enough, and it seems like one of those meals you can’t mess up.

Get the recipe at: Salt and Lavender

{Mini} Pavlova Recipe

Maybe not many of you know what a Pavlova is.

Essentially, it’s a meringue-based dessert with a crispy crust and a soft, creamy inside, usually containing fruits.

Pavlovas are not difficult to make and, more importantly, they’re snowy white in color.

You can obviously choose not to top it to stay on topic with the party, but I think a raspberry or a peach slice won’t seem too intrusive on the eye.

Get the recipe at: Belly Full

Garlic Dill White Bean Dip

This Garlic Dill White Bean Dip combines flavors you can’t go wrong with and is done in just 5 minutes.

It will fit perfectly in your white food party if you serve it with some sort of white bread sandwiches or crackers.

The way you prepare it is basically blending the ingredients until everything is smooth and then garnishing it with dill or other herbs.

Get the recipe at: The Lily Pad Cottage

White Gazpacho with Grapes and Almonds

Gazpacho, if you didn’t know, is a cold Spanish soup served as a refreshment.

The original is made with tomatoes but this is a white version which can work in your favor for the party.

The White Gazpacho is made with almonds and bread for thickening, sweet grapes and cucumbers.

Garlic, onions and vinegar are also added to balance the flavors out.

It’s an interesting dish that will definitely spark some conversations. You can also replace the cucumbers in the recipe with any leftover cucumber peels you have if you want to go zero waste.

Get the recipe at: Little Ferraro Kitchen

Pan Grilled Hake – Merluza a La Plancha

How does a 4-ingredient, 15-minute dish rich in protein sound for your white food party.

Hake fish (Merluza) has a distinctively white meat, it’s lean and it’s delicious.

If you have sporty guests this will probably be their food of choice.

This Pan Grilled Hake recipe is extremely easy to make and follow, so give it a try.

Frankly, you can completely omit the parsley to end up with a truly white meal and it will still taste great.

Get the recipe at: Spain on a Fork

Austrian Garlic Soup With Croutons

This white and creamy garlic soup is a phenomenal appetizer as it has a somewhat intense, mouth-watering flavor.

It actually incorporates a decent amount of garlic and the thickening is done with some flour and melted butter.

Stock is added to enhance the flavor and the croutons add for a pleasant crunchiness.

You can skip the parsley and mix in the croutons rather than tossing them in if you want to turn it into an all white appetizer.

Get the recipe at: Lavender And Macarons

Spargelzeit: German White Asparagus

White asparagus can be made into a side dish for any meal during the spring.

If that’s when you’re hosting or attending the white food party then it’d be waste not to try making this recipe.

And making the Spargelzeit is as simple as simmering the white peeled white asparagus in a mixture of water, lemon and butter.

Serve the dish alongside the main course or with hollandaise sauce on its own.

Get the recipe at: 31Daily

Garlic Parmesan Chicken Pasta With Buffalo Wild Wings Sauce

Besides the classic macaroni salad with mayo you can go for a creamy garlic parmesan chicken pasta for a white food party main course.

This recipe is very nutritious in nature as the pasta gains a decent amount of protein from the chicken breast.

Mine looks a little bit yellow-ish but you can obviously choose a whiter pasta variety.

Also, if you want to make it appear all white I suggest not adding the Buffalo Wild Wings sauce to the crockpot as it says in the instructions, but rather pouring it on top when the pasta and chicken are fully cooked.

Just completely cover the dish with the sauce when it’s done.

The great thing about this recipe is that, if you feel like it, you can make the white Buffalo Wild Wings sauce at home, which I actually recommend as it turns out amazing this way!

Get the recipe: Garlic Parmesan Chicken Pasta With Buffalo Wild Wings Sauce

Mashed Cauliflower

When we’re talking white food recipes we can’t look over mashed cauliflower.

Mashed cauliflower is a great low-carb alternative to people who are craving mashed potatoes.

To make this recipe in preparation for the party you just need to sauté the chopped cauliflower in some melted butter with garlic.

You then blend everything together until smooth and end up with an excellent side dish, which can also serve as a dip.

Get the recipe at: Simple Joy

What’s an example menu for a white themed party?

If the gathering you’re hosting is about to have more than five persons you’d want to provide some variety to appease to as many guests as possible.

In that case, I’d recommend having at least two appetizers, one to two main course dishes, and two types of dessert.

If others will contribute dishes you should take care of at least one appetizer, one main course, and a dessert of some sort.

So for a white food party this could look like chicken or Goulda cheese sandwiches with a white bean dip or a homemade Buffalo Wild Wings garlic parmesan sauce for the appetizers, chicken Alfredo or garlic parmesan pasta, and even scallops as a main course, and vanilla cupcakes for the dessert.

Wrap up

When it comes to white foods, there’s really a plethora of choices.

Even a classic macaroni salad with mayonnaise will do, if you want to contribute something something.

If you’re hosting, however, make sure that the party menu includes some finger foods as appetizers, a great main course with some protein, and a nice light dessert.

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