13+ Ideas for Recipes With Bulgarian Yogurt

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There’s no shortage of recipes when it comes to Bulgarian yogurt.

This traditional Balkan ingredient is used for anything from cold cucumber soup and poached eggs to moussaka and lemon cookies.

Since I’m fond of Balkan cuisine because I’ve been raised with it, I decided to make a list with the best recipes made with Bulgarian yogurt you can find.

The list contains 13+ entries, some of which are made with Greek yogurt which you can easily swap out.

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13 Recipes with Bulgarian Yogurt

Authentic Bulgarian Banitsa

My Authentic Bulgarian Banitsa recipe will win the hearts of your loved ones and leave them begging for more.

It’s made with a flaky phyllo dough that’s rolled with a filling of eggs and Bulgarian feta cheese and baked in the oven until golden brown.

I recommend serving it for breakfast over the weekend or during the holidays with some good luck charms.

Get the recipe: Traditional Bulgarian Banitsa

Cold Yogurt Cucumber Soup

Cold yogurt cucumber soup is a staple Bulgarian dish that’s often served during the summer. It’s traditionally called Tarator by Bulgarians.

The soup is excellent if you’re looking for a light, low calorie dish to supplement your diet plan.

It is made with four simple ingredients and garnished with a bunch of walnuts, chopped garlic and fresh dill.

Check recipe at: Cooking LSL

Cucumber Yogurt Salad

This beautiful milky white cucumber yogurt salad is ideal to use as a spread, dipping sauce or a side dish.

It blends a rich creamy sauce with diced cucumbers, garlic and dill.

It’s also extremely easy to make and won’t take you more than 10 minutes to whip a batch.

You can serve it as a side dish along with some lamb, fish, and chicken or eat it as is.

Get recipe at: Cooking LSL

Turkish Poached Eggs

Poached eggs swimming in a rich creamy sauce generously seasoned with aleppo pepper flakes.

This dish is a great gateway to Turkish cuisine and quite frankly pretty straightforward to make.

All you need to do is poach the eggs, then mix them with the yogurt and finish them off with a butter sauce.

Get recipe at: Nomad Paradise

Cracked Wheat Bulgar Balls in Yogurt Sauce

These Cracked Wheat Bulgar Balls are perfect for anyone who’s looking for a light vegetarian dish.

The balls are super effortless to make, just combine the bulgur with some flour to form a dough and boil them for about 10 minutes.

Once done, you combine the balls with the yogurt sauce and season with dried mint or fresh dill.

Check recipe at: Resep Mamiku

Quick and Easy Bulgarian Moussaka

This quick and simple Bulgarian Moussaka is a spin-off of the traditional Greek recipe.

It’s made without any eggplant, so it relies solely on the minced pork, tomato and seasonings for its flavor.

The secret that will make this recipe a smash hit with your loved ones is serving it with a spoonful of Bulgarian yogurt on top.

Check recipe at: Chasing the Donkey

Pumpkin Yogurt Bark

Light, subtly sweet and delightfully crunchy, this Pumpkin Yogurt Bark is the perfect treat for the fall.

It strikes the perfect balance of textures and flavors by blending pumpkin puree with yogurt, cinnamon and pumpkin spice.

The puree is then topped off with cinnamon toast crunch and chopped pecans. The proverb sugar, spice and everything nice truly holds its weight with this one.

Check recipe at: A Hundred Affections

Healthy Lemon Cookies

If you aren’t fond of pumpkin, then you’ll surely love these Healthy Lemon Cookies.

Even though they don’t resemble a cookie in the traditional sense, their refreshing lemon flavor and pillowy texture more than compensate for this.

A single batch of these cookies yields about 36 pieces which makes them perfect for the holidays or large family gatherings.

Check recipe at: Meal Planning Magic

Blueberry Breakfast Yogurt Cake

Once you try this Blueberry Yogurt Cake, you’ll never have to wonder what to make for breakfast ever again.

The cake has a soft, moist and fluffy texture, and is jam packed with blueberries in every single bite.

And if you want to switch things up, you can substitute the blueberries with raspberries, cherries or other fruit.

Check recipe at: Yummiest Food

Turkish Cacik

This Turkish Cacik recipe is quite similar to Tzatziki, but it has a slightly different texture and is used as a dip.

The most notable difference that makes this dish shine are its seasonings. Instead of dill, it relies on mint as its primary source of aromatics.

Garnish it with some olives for some tanginess and serve with a piece of toast.

Check recipe at: Bacon is Magic

Turkish Yogurt Cake

If you’re looking for a simple dessert recipe, then this Turkish Yogurt Cake will fit your bill.

This recipe is made with four simple ingredients that are probably in your household already and takes only 15 minutes of prep work.

The cake packs a light lemon flavor that’s neatly infused into a moist and fluffy crumb. It works great as an afternoon snack served with some tea.

Check recipe at: My Recipe Reviews

Halibut Cakes with Yogurt

Crispy Halibut Cakes served with an aromatic yogurt sauce seasoned with garlic, ginger and curry.

This dish is best enjoyed along with a glass of beer on a sports night or a lazy Sunday evening.

It’s also extremely versatile since you can switch up the herbs, use a different type of fish or go for premade fish cakes.

Check recipe at: Diane Kochilas

Bulgarian Grilled Zucchini with Yogurt Sauce

These Grilled Zucchini with Yogurt sauce work great as a side dish for barbecues and potlucks.

They’re extremely easy to prepare as all you really need to do is whip up the yogurt into a sauce.

In terms of texture and flavors, the sauce is quite similar to Cacik, but it doesn’t contain any cucumbers.

An alternative approach to this recipe would be to cut the zucchini into thin strips, roll them in batter and fry until golden brown.

Check recipe at: The Modern Nonna

Yogurt Scrambled Eggs

Putting yogurt in scrambled eggs is something Bulgarians do on the regular.

The ones you see on the photos I made with Greek yogurt but you can interchange it with the Bulgarian variety without issue.

The yogurt gives the scrambled eggs more fluffiness and the butter enhances their richness.

This recipe is great for a quick high-protein breakfast.

Get the recipe: Yogurt Scrambled Eggs

Wrap Up

Even though it’s not one of the most widely used ingredients, Bulgarian yogurt is still quite versatile.

You can use it to improve the texture of baked goods, turn it into a sauce or make a cold soup.

The list of options is entirely left up to you and your imagination.

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