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General Blog Questions

Can I post your recipe and photos on my blog or social media?
Photos can be shared if you also provide a link back to my recipe. Please do NOT ever include the full list of ingredients/directions of my recipes on other sites, including social media. Please do not add text over my photos or cut out my website’s watermark. The watermarked photos in my recipes are specifically created for this site and require a ton of work.
Can I use your recipe photo in my round up blog post?
I’d love that, as long as you include a link back to my website! However, please don’t share the recipe’s ingredients or directions. Thank you.
I left a comment on a post/recipe but I don't see it?
To prevent spam all comments will go through a manual check. This takes time, so it’s normal to see your comment live 1 or 2 days later. No worries – I read all comments and love hearing from you guys. Obviously, derogatory comments will not be approved. However, any feedback or questions are welcome. Links will not be allowed in the comments unless I decide it’s something really relevant and helpful to our readers. Thank you for your understanding.
Do you accept guest posts on your site and can I get a link back if I write one?
We do not accept guest posts. I link only to websites I find contextually helpful to my readers.
Do you work with brands and do you accept sponsored posts?
I’d love to work with you and your brand. Any sponsored posts on will be clearly labeled as such. I will only work with brands and products I find helpful to my readers.
How can I contact you or get more help from you?
If you have a question related to an artilce or recipe – the best way to ask it is in the comments where I can respond quickly. I read all comments and this is way easier for me. If you have any other questions or need help with something else you can contact me at my email which is located at the bottom of my About page.

Recipe Questions

How can I print your recipes for later use?
Each recipe has a “Print” button localed beneath the short description in the recipe card. You get to the recipe card by scrolling to the bottom of the recipe post or by clicking the “Jump to Recipe” button located on top of the post.
Why didn't your recipe work for me when I tried it?
It’s impossible for me to personally oversee what you’re doing when cooking. However, if my recipe did not turn out as you expected there are some things you could do to troubleshoot the end result:
  • Read over the ingredients and instructions one more time to make sure you did not miss anything.
  • Make sure you did not use any substitutions or changed the recommended quantities, cooking times and temperatures. It’s important to follow everything to the T when you’re trying a recipe for the first time!
  • Skim through the readers’ comments on the bottom of the page as well as the body of the artilce for any tips regarding the recipe.
  • If all else fails, please leave me a comment directly on the recipe post. I will do my best to help you along and provide any guidance for your particular case. Leaving a comment directly in the recipe post is helpful because other readers may have the same question or even recommendations on how to fix it!
Can this recipe be made with [whatever ingredient] instead?
The ingredients listed in the recipe card are what we used to make the recipe and make it look and taste as we expect it. Any substitution will undoubtedly alter the taste and texture, be it unnoticeably or not. If a recipe has variations I always do my best to include them in the post to help people spin it how they like. That being said, I do cover substitution techniques in dedicated articles on my site sometimes so before asking me in the comments use the search bar and you might find what you’re looking for!
Why are unhealthy ingredients like [whatever ingredient] sometimes included in your recipes? is only concerned with providing recipes for all lifestyles and cook skill levels. Obviosuly, the recipes for beginners do sometimes require packaged or canned ready-made ingredients. It’s one thing to use store-bought mayonnaise and a completely different story to prepare your own homemade version from scratch. The former would be easier to someone new to cooking or seeking a quick way to make a delicious meal. For this reason, if any of the ingredients used in my recipes do not fit your lifestyle you are free to try something else from our recipe index. You can also leave me a comment on the post in question asking if some of the ingredients can be substituted with what’s on your mind.
Is the nutritional information provided accurate?
I do my best to provide you with the nutritional information for recipes but I’m not a certified nutritionist. The nutritional information provided should only be regarded as an estimate and nothing more. It will vary based on cooking methods and brands of ingredients used. No information on is to be taken as or considered medical information. If you want to learn the nutritional value of our recipes I recommend using one of the many dedicated nutritional calculators online.
Why wasn't I able to reproduce the look of your recipe?
There are many factors that can influence what a recipe looks like and I’m not in control of any of them if I’m not in your kitchen with you. 🙂 What I can influence, however, are the cooking guidelines. Generally, if you follow my instructions well you’ll end up with a recipe that at least tastes the same! And here at we focus more on good taste and not so much on good looks.

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