15 Ideas for Bulgarian Vegeterian Recipes

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Bulgarian cuisine is full of vegetarian recipes which are well suited for a variety of different occasions.

You can serve these dishes for breakfast, use them as a snack or turn them into a party appetizer.

Some of the recipe ideas I’ll share are made with regional ingredients such as Bulgarian cheese and yogurt but you can substitute those for their non-Bulgarian alternatives.

So let’s get started and let me show you the best vegetarian recipes from Bulgarian cuisine!

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15 Best Bulgarian Vegetarian Recipes

Authentic Bulgarian Banitsa

Banitsa is one of the hallmark dishes of Bulgarian cuisine. It’s essentially a pie that’s made of layers of phyllo dough and a savory egg and cheese filling.

There are a few different ways in which you can prepare banitsa.

The most common one, which I’ve also used in this recipe, is to roll the sheets into logs and assemble the banitsa in a round baking pan.

You can also layer the sheets with the filling and stack them together if you don’t have a round baking pan.

Get the recipe: Banitsa

Bulgarian Spanakopita

Bulgarian Spanakopita is a pastry dish that’s a spin off of the classic Greek spinach pie.

It’s quite similar to banitsa, but it’s made with a filling of ricotta, feta and spinach instead of plain brine cheese.

The filling is also seasoned with a bunch of scallions, spearmint, parsley and dill.

Get the recipe: Spanakopita

Leek Pie

Even though it’s made with a handful of ingredients, leek pie still packs a ton of amazing flavors because each ingredient is carefully picked to contrast with the rest.

Leek pie for those of you who aren’t familiar is a pastry dish made of layers of tender dough and a savory leek filling.

Making it the traditional way will require a bit of effort since you’ll need to knead and roll out the dough yourself.

However, you can skip this altogether by simply using phyllo pastry sheets instead of dough.

Get the recipe: Savory Leek Pie

Peach Cookies

a peach cookies split in two so that the jam inside can be seen with a plate of more peach cookies in the background

Peach cookies did not exactly originate from Bulgaria but they’re certainly one of the most popular homemade cookies out there.

They’re made from hollowed out cookies which are filled with jam, joined together and rolled into sugar.

I recommend trying these cookies out with your morning coffee or over some afternoon tea.

Get the recipe: Peach Cookies


Patatnik is a potato omelet that’s quite similar to Spanish tortilla.

It’s made with shredded potatoes which are pan fried along with whipped eggs and onions.

However, unlike tortilla it also includes a bit of white Bulgarian cheese also known as sirene.

If you can’t find Bulgarian cheese you can easily swap it with Feta.

Check recipe at: Nomad Paradise

Bulgarian Tarator Soup

If you’re looking for a cold soup or an appetizer for your white food party, then you gotta try Bulgarian tarator.

Bulgarian tarator is a vegetarian cold soup that’s made with finely chopped cucumbers, garlic, yogurt and dill.

In some instances like this recipe, it is also garnished with some chopped walnuts.

Check recipe at: Orgasmic Chef

Shopska Salad

The first dish most people get a taste of whenever they visit Bulgaria is Shopska Salad.

Shopska salad features chopped tomatoes, cucumbers, onions which are tossed in sunflower oil and garnished with shredded Bulgarian cheese.

You can also throw in some fresh green peppers or roasted red peppers for additional flavor.

Check recipe at: The Passport Kitchen


Most cuisines around the world have some variation of a fried dough pastry and in Bulgaria’s case it’s mekitsi.

Mekitsi are typically made for breakfast and are usually served with some fruit jam or powdered sugar.

Their soft pillowy texture and crispy exterior are very similar to doughnuts. However, they don’t necessarily have a uniform round shape like doughnuts.

Check recipe at: Chocolates And Chai

Easy Bulgarian Baked Beans

This Baked Beans recipe is for anyone who’s looking for a comforting meal that can be served over a chilly winter evening.

It packs a lot of flavor and it’s made with only a handful of simple ingredients.

All you need to make it are some dry white beans, carrots, onion, roasted red pepper and spices.

The key that makes this recipe such a hit is that the beans are soaked overnight. This ensures that they stay tender and prevents them from getting mushy.

Check recipe at: Cooking LSL


Tutmanik is a Bulgarian cheese bread that’s made of layers of dough and a savory cheese filling.

Each layer is covered in a herb butter which ensures that it stays moist and doesn’t dry out.

The filling for this particular recipe also includes a bunch of sun dried tomatoes which complement the taste of the cheese.

Check recipe at: Karen’s Kitchen Stories

Bulgarian Eggplant Dip

Bulgarian Eggplant Dip more commonly known as kyopolou, is made of roasted bell peppers, eggplant, garlic and tomatoes.

It’s typically served with some toasted bread or crostini. In order to make it, you’ll simply need to blend all of the roasted veggies with some olive oil, red wine vinegar, parsley and dill.

Check recipe at: The Indigo Kitchen

Vegan Sarma

Sarma is a traditional Balkan dish that’s typically made from minced meat and rice, which are enveloped in a sauerkraut leaf.

In this particular recipe, the meat is substituted with a mixture of chopped bell peppers, onions and eggplant.

This balances the tanginess of the sauerkraut and leads to a more nuanced overall flavor.

Check recipe at: Pakovska

Bulgarian Bean Soup

Any serious list about Bulgarian cuisine wouldn’t be complete without Bulgarian Bean Soup or Bob Chorba.

This simple appetizer has a comforting savory flavor which makes it ideal for the colder months of the year.

The only ingredients you’ll need beside the beans are some carrots and celery, onions and a few chili peppers.

Making it can be a bit time consuming, but its taste makes every second completely worthwhile.

Check recipe at: Chasing The Donkey

Bulgarian Cookie Cake

This dessert has probably escaped your radar since it’s most often referred to as biscuit cake.

And it’s actually made with what in the US is called cookies and in the UK – biscuits.

Leaving semantics aside, this cake features layers of rectangular cookies which are coated with a creamy vanilla custard.

The top of the cake is also coated in cocoa powder and shaved chocolate. It’s an overall simple dessert which is worth giving a shot.

Check recipe at: The Mindful Meringue

Shredded Potato Casserole With Feta Cheese

This shredded potato casserole is something you’ll find cooked in some regions of Bulgaria.

It follows the sure-win formula of mixing potatoes, feta cheese, the savory spice and black pepper.

Although it’s made from just a few ingredients it’s loaded with flavors and it’s one of those dishes that make you instantly hungry when catch the smell of it.

Whether you’re vegetarian or not, this shredded potato casserole will be delicious and so could potentially turn into your family’s new favorite dish. I definitely recommend trying it.

Get the recipe: Shredded Potato Casserole With Feta Cheese

Wrapping up

Bulgarian cuisine offers a rich variety of vegetarian dishes which can be enjoyed on their own or as a part of a larger meal.

And some of them are also well suited if you’re following a vegan diet plan. Make sure to drop down a comment if you found any of the recipes on this list useful.

15 Ideas for Bulgarian Vegeterian Recipes

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