17 Ideas for Salmon Dinner Party Recipes

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If you’re looking for salmon dishes for your next dinner party, then you’re in luck because there are more than plenty of recipes to choose from.

The salmon dinner party recipes I’ve gathered can be used as either an appetizer or a main dish.

Even though there are some exceptions, most of the appetizers are made with smoked salmon while the main dishes are made with salmon filets.

The salads for instance are an exception since they’re made with salmon filets instead of smoked salmon.

In any case, I’m confident that you’ll manage to find at least one dish idea that will make it on the menu of your dinner party.

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17 Best Salmon Dinner Party Recipes

Pan Fried Salmon with Fennel Arugula Salad

Let’s kick things off with a simple pan fried salmon with fennel arugula salad. This dish is perfect for anyone who’s planning a summer dinner party.

It’s made with light seasonal ingredients, has a delicate flavor and comes together in less than half an hour.

I recommend serving it over a glass of crisp white wine such as Sauvignon Blanc.

Get the recipe at: Thyme And Toast

Smoked Salmon Crostini

If you’re looking for the next appetizer for your dinner party, then you gotta try these Smoked Salmon Crostini.

Their elegant yet simplistic presentation will spark the appetite of your guests and leave them begging for more.

They are also super effortless to make as all you need to do is whip up a simple cream cheese dip and assemble the crostini.

Get the recipe at: Jam Jar Kitchen

Mini Salmon Cakes

These mini salmon cakes are jam-packed with protein and full of amazing flavors.

They’re served with a refreshing sriracha lemon aioli made of mayo, sriracha sauce, lemon juice and minced garlic.

Naturally, these salmon cakes are best enjoyed with some good company so don’t forget to share them with your loved ones.

Get the recipe at: Taste And See

Honey Garlic Salmon Bites

Honey garlic salmon bites are somewhat of a sleeper hit when it comes to salmon appetizers.

They’re not the most popular dish out there due to their lack of presentation, but at the same time they’re bursting with tons of flavor.

This is all thanks to the sticky honey garlic glaze which gives the cakes an irresistible taste.

So if you aren’t afraid of getting a bit messy, I highly recommend trying out these Honey Garlic Salmon Bites.

Get the recipe at: Fox Valley Foodie

Baked Salmon Sushi Cups

These Baked Salmon Sushi Cups are amongst the best salmon appetizers both in terms of flavor and presentation.

They’re made with roasted salmon which is enveloped in a spicy mayo dressing and served over a bed of rice in improvised nori cups.

They’re also quite easy to prepare as everything is baked together in a muffin tin.

Get the recipe at: Sizzle Fish

Browned Butter Honey Garlic Salmon

You can use this Browned Butter Honey Garlic Salmon as the main course for your dinner party.

It is infused with a rich honey garlic glaze which enhances the maillard reaction and helps brown the surface of the salmon.

This recipe also comes together in less than 15 minutes so you’ll have plenty of time for the other dishes on your menu.

Get the recipe at: Cafe Delites

Maple Garlic Salmon Steaks

These Maple Garlic Salmon Steaks have a sophisticated flavor and are surprisingly easy to make.

The only ingredients you’ll need apart from the spices are a bunch of chives, garlic and some maple syrup.

You can serve these salmon steaks along with some glazed vegetables or roasted potatoes.

Get the recipe at: Clean Foodie Cravings

Gochujang Noodles with Salmon

Gochujang noodles are probably not the first dish that comes to your mind when you think of a dinner party.

Nevertheless, if you garnish them properly you can turn them into an elegant meal that’s well deserving of a place on your dinner table.

And that’s exactly what this recipe has managed to achieve by simply adding a bit of pickled red cabbage.

Get the recipe at: Eat Love Eats

Best Teriyaki Salmon

I can’t really say if this is the best teriyaki salmon recipe out there, but it definitely comes with tons of flavor.

It features chopped salmon filets which are marinated in a generous amount of teriyaki sauce, baked in the oven and garnished with sesame seeds, scallions and red pepper flakes.

The filets are then served with a side of rice, broccoli and finely chopped scallions.

Get the recipe at: Eat With Clarity

Mediterranean Avocado Salmon Salad

This Mediterranean Avocado Salmon Salad is made with a variety of fresh veggies which are served over a large platter.

Its colorful presentation makes it ideal for get togethers, birthday parties or any other social occasion you might think of.

It’s also tossed in a light lemon herb vinaigrette which adds additional flavor.

Get the recipe at: Cafe Delites

Instant Pot Salmon and Rice

This Instant Pot Salmon and Rice isn’t the most creative recipe out there, but it can save you a lot of time and effort.

Making it requires you to simply boil the rice, place the salmon on top and allow the steam to work its magic.

If you want to make this dish seem more appealing, you can serve it along with some light summer salad.

Get the recipe at: Foodie’s Terminal

Tuscan Garlic Salmon

Tender pan seared salmon enveloped in a creamy tomato sauce seasoned with fresh spinach and basil.

If this description sounds enticing, then you’ll love this Tuscan Garlic Salmon. Making it is super easy and doesn’t require any special skills.

You simply need to sear the salmon in some olive oil and prepare the sauce in another pan.

Which should take you about a total of 30 minutes.

Get the recipe at: The Food Charlatan

Honey Mustard Salmon in Foil

This Honey Mustard Salmon tastes just as good as it looks. It’s loaded with tons of honey mustard sauce, smoked paprika and fresh parsley.

As its name implies, the salmon is smoked in foil which ensures that it cooks evenly and stays tender.

You can serve it with a side of green beans, glazed carrots or roasted potatoes.

Get the recipe at: Gimme Some Oven

Restaurant-Style Grilled Maple Salmon Salad

This salmon salad features grilled salmon served over a bed of spring greens, red onion, roasted almonds and goat cheese.

The rich assortment of vegetables and grilled salmon give it a restaurant-style quality that is hard to match.

Naturally, the salad is also seasoned with a simple vinaigrette consisting of extra-virgin olive oil, balsamic vinegar, maple syrup and Dijon mustard.

Get the recipe at: Hannah Mageerd

Salmon Pops with Piquant Dill Sauce

If you want to keep things simple and don’t want to put too much effort into your appetizers, then you have to try these salmon pops.

They’re made from roasted salmon which is skewered along with some lemon slices and garnished with red onions and a piquant dill sauce.

The salmon is also coated in sesame oil and seasoned with sesame seeds which give it additional flavor.

Get the recipe at: Only Gluten Free Recipes

Smoked Salmon Cucumber Appetizer

Salmon appetizers don’t get any easier than these smoked salmon cucumber rolls.

Related Recipe Ideas for Cold-Smoked Salmon Appetizers

All that’s required on your part is to thinly slice some cucumber and wrap it around some smoked salmon and a mixture of goat cheese and yogurt.

This recipe is also great for incorporating smoked salmon leftovers into something delicious.

Get the recipe at: A Cedar Spoon

Smoked Salmon Roll Ups

These Smoked Salmon Roll Ups, are for anyone who isn’t well versed in the art of sushi making.

They are super easy to make and don’t require any boiled or special utensils to make.

You simply need to overlap some smoked salmon on plastic wrap, layer it with cream cheese, chives, lemon zest and avocado, and roll everything together.

Get the recipe at: The Little Pine

Wrapping up

You can use salmon in a variety of different ways and turn it into a fancy dish that will surprise the guests at your dinner party.

It all depends on how far you’re willing to go in your effort to make the best possible menu.

17 Ideas for Salmon Dinner Party Recipes

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