14 Ideas for Phyllo Dough Dessert Recipes

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Phyllo dough is often used as a main ingredient in many dessert recipes originating in the Balkan region.

Some of the most notable phyllo dough desserts you’re probably familiar with are baklava and crinkle cake.

However, you can also use phyllo sheets to make kataifi, cinnamon roll ups and apple strudel.

In this list, you’ll find recipe ideas for all of these desserts as well as a few helpful tips and serving recommendations.

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The best phyllo dough dessert recipes

Authentic Galaktoboureko

This traditional Greek dessert features flaky phyllo dough with a creamy custard filling.

It is also coated in generous amounts of honey citrus syrup which add additional flavor and prevent the phyllo from burning.

You can serve it at your afternoon party, bring it to a potluck or make it for the holidays.

Check recipe at: Amira’s Pantry

Apple Strudel

Apple strudel is traditionally prepared with puff pastry which often intimidates many home cooks.

This recipe solves this problem by swapping puff pastry with phyllo dough.

The end result is a flaky strudel filled with loads of caramelized apples that’s surprisingly simple to make.

So if you’re having troubles mustering up the courage to make an apple strudel, I highly recommend giving this recipe a go.

Check recipe at: The Anthony Kitchen

Hazelnut Custard Filo Cigars

These filo cigars are filled with loads of hazelnut custard and are super easy to prepare.

In order to make them, you’ll need to layer a phyllo sheet with some butter, fold it in half and roll it up.

Afterwards you simply bake the cigars in the oven and pipe in the hazelnut custard.

Naturally, you can swap the filling with a traditional egg custard or pretty much any type of cream you can think of.

Check recipe at: Anthonio Fillo

Crinkle Cake

This Crinkle Cake courtesy of Our Best Bites can best be described as a hybrid dessert.

It’s vaguely reminiscent of baklava, but at the same time it has some of the qualities of a cake. And in the end it’s neither of both.

That’s because it’s made with phyllo sheets and most of its flavor comes from a simple custard.

In any case, it’s a dessert that you shouldn’t miss out on.

Check recipe at: Our Best Bites

Apricot Cheesecake

Upon first glance, this dessert probably looks like anything but a cheesecake. But oh my, does it taste heavenly!

It’s made with flaky phyllo pastry, a cream cheese filling and a bunch of fresh apricots.

The phyllo pastry is rolled into a pie and develops a golden brown crust after it’s baked.

Check recipe at: Antoniou Fillo


This list wouldn’t be complete without at least one baklava recipe.

This timeless Turkish dessert is made with layers of phyllo pastry brushed with butter and soaked in a sweet sugar syrup.

This particular recipe also uses some crushed walnuts for the filling and topping.

Check recipe at: Food Dolls

Greek Orange Cake

Soft pillowy filo dough drenched in an orange juice syrup and topped off with orange slices.

This kicker of a dessert is notably easy to make and will leave you begging for more after you try it out.

The key ingredients which make this dessert stand out are the eggs and yogurt which enrich the taste of the dough and soften it up.

Check recipe at: British Chef’s Table

Easy Phyllo Fruit Cups

If you’re looking for an elegant dessert for your next afternoon tea party, then you’ll love these fruit cups.

They’re made with phyllo pastry which is shaped in the form of a tiny cup and filled with a cream cheese filling.

The cups are topped off with different types of berries which display a wonderful array of colors.

Check recipe at: Jen Around The World

Lemon Mille Feuille

This odd sounding French dessert is perfect if you want to impress the guests at your dinner party.

It features layers of crispy phyllo pastry which is topped off with a subtle lemon pastry cream, lemon curd and whipped cream.

Even though I don’t consider this recipe to be difficult, it does require a bit of effort to pull off.

That’s mostly because you need to make three different types of cream. However, once you try it out you’ll find that all your efforts were worthwhile.

Check recipe at: Baran Bakery

Greek Ekmek Kataifi

Ekmek Kataifi is a dessert which blends the best parts from baklava and galaktoboureko in one dessert.

It’s made with a layer of shredded phyllo dough soaked in sugar syrup which is topped off with custard and whipped cream.

The great thing about this dessert is that you can also assemble it in cups if you want to make a smaller batch.

Check recipe at: Pastry Wishes

Greek Custard Phyllo Rolls

I like to call these Greek Custard Phyllo Rolls poor man’s cannoli. They’re quite similar in shape and texture, but they’re much easier to pull off.

All you need to make them are some pastry sheets, a simple custard and some cinnamon.

I recommend trying them out with your morning coffee or over some afternoon tea.

Check recipe at: Dimitra’s Dishes

Honey Cinnamon Roll Ups

These Honey Cinnamon Roll Ups are perfect if you’re looking for a dessert that’s close to baklava.

They’re made with pretty much the same ingredients you’ll use to make baklava with the exception of cinnamon.

They’re also rolled into logs which gives them a slightly different texture than regular baklava.

Check recipe at: Taste Of Home

Phyllo Dough Apple Turnovers

These Apple Turnovers are essentially a spin off of a traditional apple strudel.

Instead of puff pastry, they’re made with flaky phyllo sheets and sprinkled with generous amounts of powdered sugar.

They work great as a simple breakfast or a light afternoon snack.
Check recipe at: Parsley And Dicing

Orange and Raspberry Soufra

This Orange and Raspberry Soufra is ideal if you’re looking for a dessert that you can serve to a large crowd.

Making it works in a similar fashion to how you’d make Bulgarian banitsa, except that you’re using custard instead of a savory cheese filling.

This recipe is also easily customizable since you can sub the raspberries for any type of fruit you can think of.

Check recipe at: Antoniou Fillo

Wrap up

Phyllo dough can be used for anything from baklava and galaktoboureko to apple strudel and crinkle cake.

The most important part you’ll need to keep in mind whenever you’re making a dessert with phyllo dough is to use the right amount of sugar syrup or custard.

If you mess this up, the phyllo dough will burn and become crunchy instead of flaky.

If you’re into baking phyllo dough goods I recommend also checking out my non-dessert recipes for Authentic Bulgarian Banitsa and Spanakopita!

14 Ideas for Phyllo Dough Dessert Recipes

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