7 Ideas for Fresh Ham Steak Recipes

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Despite what many people believe, ham steak is actually quite a versatile ingredient that can be cooked in many different ways.

The recipes on this list are a testament to that statement as they can be used as appetizers, main dishes or served for breakfast.

You’ll find some more traditional ideas which include cooking the steaks in a honey or maple glaze, as well as some more unconventional ones which rely on orange or apricot marmalade for flavor.

In any case, I’m fully confident that you’ll manage to find at least one recipe on this list that will satisfy your needs.

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7 Recipe Ideas with Fresh Ham Steak

Glazed Ham Steaks

These ham steaks from SpendWithPennies.com are pan fried and coated in a simple glaze of mustard, brown sugar and maple syrup.

The glaze helps crisp up the surface of the steaks and gives them a delicately sweet flavor.

The entire dish comes together in less than 10 minutes which makes it perfect for busy weeknights.

Check the recipe at: Spend With Pennies

Sunday Ham Steak Dinner

I must admit that this is the most original and informative recipe I’ve managed to find and try out.

Instead of going with a single glaze, this Sunday Ham Steak Dinner recipe offers you 3 different choices: a traditional maple glaze, an orange marmalade glaze and a BBQ option made with ketchup.

If you’re looking for something more creative, you’ll love the orange marmalade glaze.

It has a delicately sweet flavor and gives the ham a hint of fruitiness.

Check the recipe at: On The Gas

One Pan Ham Steak Dinner

This simple pork ham steak recipe is cooked along with a bunch of green beans and baby potatoes.

The steak is covered in a sweet honey glaze and seasoned with garlic powder, onion powder, paprika and some Italian dressing.

Everything is cooked in a single pan, so you’ll have less chores to worry about.

Check the recipe at: Kitchen Fun With My 3 Sons

Hawaiian Ham Skewers

Skewers probably aren’t the most creative dish you can think of, but they do save you time and effort.

And these Hawaiian Ham Skewers in particular are even easier than traditional recipes since it’s made with ham.

Apart from the ham, the skewers are made with a sweet pineapple glaze, pineapple, mushrooms, yellow pepper and red onion.

You can serve them with a side of rice or eat them as is.

Check the recipe at: Self Proclaimed Foodie

Grilled Ham Steak

Grilling and ham are two words that you won’t often hear used together.

Nevertheless, this ham steak recipe proves that you can actually grill ham and get a decent flavor out of it.

The secret ingredient that makes this cooking endeavor possible is apricot glaze.

It gives the meat a burst of sweetness which balances the charred flavor of the ham.

Check the recipe at: Grits and Pine Cones

Ham Steaks with Gruyere, Bacon and Mushrooms

Bacon, ham and mushrooms are three ingredients that go together perfectly when pan fried.

And when you add a bunch of gruyere to the mix you get these mouthwatering ham steaks.

The recipe is quite easy to prepare as all you need to do is saute the ingredients together and sprinkle in the cheese.

Check the recipe at: Taste Of Home

Pineapple Ham Steaks

This budget-friendly meal features oven roasted ham steaks topped with a slice of pineapple.

It’s made with six simple ingredients and will take just half an hour of your time to prepare.

Instead of relying on some of the more traditional sides, the steaks are served with a creamy hash brown casserole.

Check the recipe at: From Valerie’s Kitchen

Wrap Up

There are plenty of creative ways you can prepare a ham steak.

You just need to find the right set of ingredients that fits your preferences.

For the most part, you’ll likely need something sweet to balance the sodium in the ham and some veggies to fill you up.

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