13 Ideas for Beef Bottom Round Steak Recipes

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Beef bottom round steak recipes can be a bit hard to come by.

That’s mostly because the bottom round is a tough cut of meat that requires a lot of time to cook.

Nevertheless, there are still more than a few recipes that utilize this cut and manage to make it tender.

Most of these include a marinade or a sauce which helps break down the tough connective tissues.

You’ll also find a few recipe ideas which are made using a slow cooker.

Anyways, let’s hop on to the list and check each of the recipes in more detail.

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The 13 Best Beef Bottom Round Steak Recipes

Marinated Bottom Round Steak

Let’s start off with a simple pan fried bottom round steak recipe.

The dish is prepared with thinly sliced steaks which are marinated in soy sauce, Worcestershire sauce, white wine vinegar and garlic.

This amps up their flavor and makes the steaks amazingly tender and juicy. You can also tweak the marinade and add some ginger and pepper flakes for a more oriental flavor.

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Beef Tips and Rice

These beef tips and rice are made with only a handful of ingredients, but they taste amazing.

They are essentially made from a thinly cut bottom round which is simmered along with finely chopped onions, garlic and cream of mushroom soup.

The meat is then served over a bed of rice and garnished with fresh parsley.

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Swiss Steak

Swiss steak is a classic dish that’s prepared from tenderized beef which is simmered in a rich tomato sauce along with chopped bell peppers.

The sauce breaks down the tough connective tissues of the meat and makes it extremely juicy and tender.

You can serve it with some green beans, a green leaf lettuce salad or some mashed potatoes.

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Smothered Round Steak

Tender beef steak drenched in a rich mushroom gravy and seasoned with a mixture of rosemary and thyme.

If this description sounds enticing, then you’ll also love this smothered round steak recipe.

It is made with beef steaks which are cooked low and slow in a flavorful mushroom and onion gravy.

The original recipe is made with top round steak, but I’ve also tried it with bottom round and it works in pretty much the same way.

Check recipe at: The Seasoned Mom

Mexican Steak Picado

Steak Picado or Bistec Picado is a traditional Mexican dish made of round steak which is simmered in a rich peppery sauce.

This dish is seasoned with fresh cilantro and includes a bunch of bell peppers, jalapenos and fresh tomatoes.

Everything is made in one pot so you’ll spend less time cleaning which is always a huge plus in my book.

Check recipe at: Carne Diem

Crockpot Melt in your Mouth Round Steak

One of the best ways to prepare a tough cut of meat such as a bottom round steak is by using a crockpot.

Cooking a steak in a crockpot ensures that the meat stays tender and doesn’t lose any of its mouthwatering juices.

And the author of this simple recipe clearly gets this idea. The recipe is made with beef round steak which is seasoned with garlic powder and simmered in a rich gravy.

It’s an overall simple recipe you can’t go wrong with.

Check recipe at: Recipes That Crock

The Best Beef Tips and Gravy

While calling these beef tips the best might be a bit of a stretch, they’re still worth giving a shot.

They’re enveloped in a rich gravy sauce and pack a ton of flavor thanks to a simple spice mix of bay leaf and fresh thyme.

This dish is also loaded with onions and garlic which make it taste even better.

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Round Steak Sandwich with Mushrooms

These sandwiches are made with juicy steak, a smoky garlic sauce and creamy melted cheese.

The cut that’s used here is top round, but you can substitute it with bottom round by following the first recipe on this list.

In terms of the buns, you can make these sandwiches with sub rolls, a large baguette or hoagie rolls.

Check recipe at: Easy Family Recipes

Beef and Broccoli Stir Fry

A beef and broccoli stir fry is a quick and easy way to enjoy some Asian cuisine in the comfort of your own home.

And the best part is that you don’t need to use any special sauces or condiments.

All you’ll need to make this recipe is some beef steak, broccoli, broth, soy sauce, sesame oil, garlic powder, onion powder, minced ginger and garlic.

Check recipe at: Savory Nothings

Easy Keto Bottom Round Roast

This bottom round roast is perfect for anyone who’s following a ketogenic diet. It’s brimming with tons of flavor, has close to zero carbs and is super easy to prepare.

Making it requires you to simply rub the meat with a mixture of dried basil, parsley and thyme and roast it low and slow in the oven.

Check recipe at: 730 Sage Street

Slow Cooker Bottom Round Roast

Another great way to prepare a piece of bottom round is to slowly cook it along with some veggies.

This particular recipe is made with a bunch of carrots, onions and a less known root vegetable called rutabaga.

The meat is seasoned with thyme, marjoram and salt and cooked in a slow cooker along with some beef broth.

Check recipe at: Lakeside Smokers

Easy Dinner-Steak Stir Fry

This dinner-steak stir fry is brimming with flavor and packs a ton of protein. This makes it ideal for anyone who has a rigorous regime and needs as much protein as possible.

Making it is also quite easy as it simply involves marinating the meat and cooking it over high heat with some veggies.

For a well rounded meal, you can serve this stir fry with some buckwheat, quinoa or brown rice.

Check recipe at: Mom’s Dish

Slow Cooker French Dip Sandwiches

These sandwiches made with slowly cooked beef are a great alternative to hot dogs and hamburgers.

They’re way healthier and pack an incredible flavor thanks to a special French dipping sauce.

The sandwiches are also packed with loads of provolone cheese and can be served with some horseradish as well.

Check recipe at: Good In The Simple

Is there a difference between the bottom round and the rump roast?

Even though the bottom round and rump roast are often used synonymously, they’re actually two different cuts of meat.

Both come from the rear end of the cow, but the rump roast is located a bit higher, in an area that receives less exercise.

This in effect makes it less leaner than the bottom round. Due to this the bottom round is typically braised or simmered and cooked slowly over low heat.

If you want to find out more about both of these cuts, then you can check my article on the matter.

Closing thoughts

Bottom round steaks can be cooked in a few different ways depending on the type of dish they’re used for.

If they’re pan fried, they usually need to be marinated in some soy sauce and Worcestershire sauce beforehand.

They can also be cooked in the crockpot along with some beef broth or a cream of mushroom soup.

Whichever method you decide to use, you can be sure that the steaks will turn out extremely tender as long they’re cooked properly.

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